Competition Events

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Tidbit Catch
A group event. Dogs catch thrown treats from progressively further distances. Tidbits will be provided, or handler may provide their own. May be run in heats. (Not eligible for Paws-at-Play tickets) View Rules

Frisbee Catch
An individual event. Dogs earn points for distance and number of feet that leave the ground during the catch. View Rules

Toy Catch

An individually timed event. Dog is scored on how many catches made in 30 seconds. Items may be supplied by handler. View Rules


Obstacle Course
An individually timed event. Dogs maneuver through and around a variety of obstacles. The dog completing the course in the fastest time wins. View Rules

Monday Morning Obstacles
Individually timed event. Dogs must maneuver through several obstacles and then get dressed for the day by their handler before crossing the finish line. View Rules


Hot Dog Retrieve
An individually timed event. Dog leaves handler to retrieve a hot dog from a tub of water and returns to handler with or without eating the hot dog. View Rules

Land Retrieve
Individually timed event. Dog is timed on how fast it can retrieve three individually thrown items. Items may be supplied by handler. View Rules

Water Retrieve
An individually timed event. Same as the Land Retrieve, only items are thrown into a child’s swimming pool. Dog must get at least both front feet in the water. View Rules


For both Run events - Dogs are divided into 3 categories by size (measured from the top of the shoulder):

  • 20" and under
  • Over 20"


25 – Yard Dash
An individually timed event. Dogs are timed on return to handler 25 yards away. View Rules


Jump, Jump, Jump
An individually timed event. Dogs are timed on returning to the handler over three different kinds of jumps. View Rules


Home Run Command
An individually timed event. Dog and handler must run the bases, stopping to successfully perform a command before proceeding on to the next base. Commands may be repeated, although not consecutively. For example, you may ask your dog to sit at first base and third base, but must ask a different command at second base and home plate. The dog getting around the bases (including home plate) in the fastest time is the winner. View Rules

Down on Recall
An individual event. The dog is called to “come”, then given a “down” command during the return. The dog stopping in a down position with his front toes nearest the line without going over wins. If all dogs cross the line, the dog closest to the line wins. View Rules


Marathon Down
A group event. Dogs are placed on a down-stay with heavy distraction. The last dog to break his stay wins. Handler will start 6 feet away from the dog and may be asked to back away as part of the distractions. (Not eligible for Paws-at-Play tickets) View Rules


Best Trick

With the audience’s help, Judge decides which trick is “best”. (Also used as a tie breaker for the pentathlon levels) View Rules

Duck, Duck, Goose

This is a fun, non-scored event that everyone can participate in with a Paws-at-Play ticket

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