Down on Recall

To determine which dog comes closest to a pre-determined line when commanded to “down” after being called to “come”


  1. Dogs are placed at the start point by owner; a helper may hold dog in place (Junior/Senior/Fun levels only, penalty for Competitive level).
  2. Owner will stand approximately 50 feet away.
  3. At the judges signal, the owner will call the dog.
  4. There will be a “down” line about 15 feet from the owner.
  5. At the owner’s discretion, the owner will tell the dog to “down.”
  6. The owner cannot say the command more than once for the Competitive Level or twice for all other levels; hand signals are permitted.
  7. The dog must hold the “down” at least long enough for the judge to mark the position. (front toes closest to the line without going over wins)


  • Distance between down line and dog’s toes will be marked; closest behind line wins. If all dogs go over, closest beyond the line will win.
  • Competitive dogs will be assessed a 1' (12") penalty if the dog must be held at the start line.



  • Crossing start line before judge’s signal
  • Going somewhere other than towards the owner when called
  • Aggressive/uncontrollable behavior
  • Not staying “down” long enough for judge to mark spot
  • Front toes going over the line


  • Giving the “down” command more than once (Competitive) or twice (all other levels)
  • Owner MAY call the dog to “come” more than once



  • Use marking paint to mark start line, down line, owner line.
  • Use plastic knives to mark where dog’s front feet stop. Write the dog’s name on the plastic knife and put knife in the ground to the side of running area so future dogs don’t step on the knives during their turn.
  • At the end of the day, throw-away the marked-up knives.


Marking paint, plastic knives, marking pen, long line (owner preference)

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