Duck, Duck, Goose

This event is for fun and introduces teams to Water Retrieve! While not played for event medals, each competition category (Fun / Recreational, Junior Handler, Senior Dog, and Competitive) will have a winner at the end of the day. The winner will receive a special Duck Duck Goose only prize.
NOTE: Paws-At-Play tickets are required to participate.


Get as many ducks out of the “pond” as possible. The dog in its competition category with most ducks on leader board at end of day wins a special Duck Duck Goose only prise!


  1. Dog gets 60 seconds to retrieve as many rubber ducks out of the “pond” as it can
  2. Owner can use any humane enticement to encourage dog to retrieve rubber ducks from pond
  3. Every dog is a winner and gets a treat for competing
  4. A dog from each category with most points (ducks) on leader board is announced at end of day


  • Each retrieved Duck = 1 point



  • All ducks in wading pool for start of each dog’s turn.
  • Under dog's category, write dog’s names and number of ducks retrieved on leader board.
  • Current dog in its category with most ducks becomes number 1. Other dogs drop to next lower number.

Wading pool, water, rubber ducks, treats, stop watch, easel, dry erase board, dry erase marker, dry eraser

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