Marathon Down

To see which dog remains in a “down-stay” after heavy distraction


  1. All dogs must be on a leash.
  2. At judge's command, owners place their dogs in a “stay.”
  3. Owner is permitted one command and/or hand signal to dog. If both hand signal and command are given, they must be given simultaneously.
  4. All owners will then go to end of leash and the distractions begin.
  5. Once Competitive handlers leave their dogs, they must remain silent for the duration of the competition
  6. All other levels may praise their dogs between distractions.
  7. Dogs are permitted to lie on their sides, back or stomach.



  • Refusal to lie down, creeping, standing, sitting, excessive whining or barking, excessive rolling.


  • Fun/Recreational Level:
    • Touching the dog
    • Repeated “stay” commands
    • Not following the judge’s instructions
  • Competitive Level:
    • All DQ’s listed under “Fun” level
    • Talking in the ring


Do anything reasonable to distract the dogs into breaking their stay. Distractions may start out mild and get harder as the field is narrowed down.

Toys, squeakies, treats, balls…use your imagination

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