Home Run Commands

Dog and handler must run the bases, stopping to successfully perform a command on each base before proceeding on to the next base. NOTE: Competitive level must not repeat a command.


  1. Team starts at home plate then, runs to 1st base for 1st command. Team runs to remaining bases for remaining commands. Final command is given at home plate for the finish. Four commands must be given starting at 1st base, then 2nd base, 3rd base, and home plate.
    NOTE: Competitive level must not repeat a command.
  2. Either dog or handler must touch each base.
  3. All levels except Competitive level: no two commands may be given consecutively (such as at 1st & 2nd or 3rd & home, same command at 1st and 3rd is acceptable). In Competitive level, four different commands must be used; no repeated commands allowed.
  4. Handler may give the command as many times as needed, the first command asked at the base must be the one performed (no switching).


  • Each run is timed and the fastest time wins.
  • Competitive Level:
    • Add 5 seconds for repeated command
    • Add 10 seconds to time for using leash
    • Add 15 seconds to time for using food



  • If dog fails to perform the asked for command at any of the 4 bases


  • If the handler physically helps the dog to perform the command



  • Arrange bases in a diamond pattern approximately 15 feet apart
  • Position yourself in the middle of the bases so you can be close enough to hear which commands are given

4 bases, stopwatch

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