Hot Dog Retrieve


To be the fastest dog to retrieve the hot dog out of the water and return to owner


  1. Handler holds the dog behind the start line.
  2. A person is the hot dog “dispenser” will call the dog and show him the hot dog.
  3. Timing starts when the dog crosses the line.
  4. The “dispenser” drops the hot dog portion in water as dog approaches the water container.
  5. Dog must go to the water, retrieve the hot dog and return to the handler.
  6. The hot dog “dispenser” will let the handler know when the dog has the hot dog so they can begin calling the dog back.
  7. Dog may eat the hot dog (completely or partially), but must have the hot dog either internally or externally when he crosses the line.
  8. Small or confused dogs will be given assistance if the water is too deep or if they can’t find the hot dog.
  9. Handler can use any reasonable method to get the dog to return, but owner may not cross the start line or pull on the long line to do so.
  10. Timing stops when the dog crosses the line with the hot dog internally or externally.
  11. Dogs who take over one minute must be retrieved by their handler.


  • Each run is timed and the fastest time wins.
  • Competitive Level:
    • Add 5 seconds for holding dog at start
    • Add 5 seconds for requiring assistance to retrieve hot dog from water



  • Not bringing the hot dog back across the start line


  • Crossing the start line
  • Pulling on the long line

Draw line for the owners to stay behind. Portion out hot dog based on dog’s size. Largest portion of hot dog should be no larger than ½ hot dog.

Marking paint, stopwatch, hot dogs, knife, towel, long line, small and large water containers, water

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