Jump, Jump, Jump

The fastest dog within each height division to jump three jumps in a row wins: Bar Jump, Panel Jump, Tire Jump

There are two height classes:
Under 20 inches at shoulders
At 20 inches or over at shoulders


  1. At judge’s command, owner calls dog.
  2. Timing begins at judge’s command.
  3. Dogs are timed individually.
  4. Owners are allowed to use treats or toys as lures (time penalty for Competitive Level).
  5. To get dog through jumps, dog may run beside owner or a helper may hold dog at start point while owner gets in position on the far side of the tire jump.
  6. Dog must jump at least one of the jumps.


Each run is timed and the fastest time wins.

  • All levels:
    • Add 5 seconds to score for each jump missed
    • Must jump at least one jump to qualify
  • Competitive Level:
    • Add 5 seconds to time for using food or toy
    • Add 10 seconds for using helper at start





  • If dog runs anywhere besides to the finish line. Note: Owner may run beside dog or owner may stand behind finish line
  • If dog crosses start line before judge’s command
  • If dog fails to jump at least one jump




  • Use marking paint to mark a line that the dog must start behind.
  • Use marking paint to draw a line at least 3 feet past the last jump as the finish line.
  • Arrange the 3 jumps in order approximately 6 feet apart, starting 3 feet from start line.
  • Jump order:  1. Bar jump  2. Panel jump  3. Tire jump

Marking paint, stopwatch, long lines, bar jump, panel jump, tire jump

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