Monday Morning Obstacles

Handler helps dog run through a typical morning routine (get out of bed, take a shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, and then run out the door)


  1. This is a timed event. The stopwatch will start as soon as the dog is lying on the bed.
  2. From the bed, dog runs into the shower (volunteer pouring water from a watering can).
  3. Then, dog runs over to clothes (owner must put a pair of shorts and a shirt on dog).
  4. Then, dog runs to the table, sits to eat breakfast (treats).
  5. Lastly, the dog runs out the front door. Timer stops when dog goes through the door (exit gate from agility equipment borrowed from Canine Learning Center).


  • Each run is timed and the fastest time wins.
  • Competitive Level:
    • Add 5 seconds to time for using leash.
    • Add 10 seconds to time for using food.

If dog fails to perform any of the 5 obstacles

Arrange obstacles in a big U pattern so that start and stop lines are on the same plane.

Stopwatch, treats, treat jar, bed, wading pool, watering can, water, clothes, laundry basket, table, stool, exit gate

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