Obstacle Course


(All judge’s decisions are final)

I. General Rules:

  • A practice jump will be available outside the ring.
  • All dogs who enter any event must be registered participants.
  • Owners are responsible for ensuring the well-being of their pet – DO NOT push an unwilling dog to compete in this course – injury could result.
  • The judge reserves the right to excuse any dog/handler team from the course.
  • Abuse of any animal is cause for immediate disqualification.
  • Treats, toys and other bribes are permitted – please remove them from the course before the next competitor begins.
  • Dogs that leave the ring or eliminate in the ring will receive a non-qualifying score of zero. Owners are responsible for clean-up.
  • When possible, smaller dogs will run the course first in each category, larger dogs last.

II. Course Judging:
The course winner is determined by the best time at the end of the contest, with a maximum time of 3 minutes being allowed. In addition to the time the dog is actually on the course, the following time faults are assessed during the competition:

  • Missed Obstacle – 10 seconds
    • Avoids one obstacle and does another out of sequence (avoided obstacle must be completed to qualify)
    • Enters obstacle from wrong direction
    • Knocks down a jump or obstacle
  • Retry Obstacle – 5 seconds each
    • Maximum of 3 tries per obstacle
  • Use of Leash:
    • 10 seconds for all levels except Competitive
    • 15 seconds for Competitive level
  • Use of Bribes
    • 15 seconds for Competitive level only

III. Obstacle Requirements
Keep in mind that if the owner knocks any of the obstacles it counts as if the dog did it. ☺ Following is a list of possible obstacles you may see some of them or all of them. This is not an official agility course you would see at a dog show. We have tried to make this easy and fun to do for all dogs & owners.

  • Sequence
    • All obstacles must be entered in sequence and from the direction of the number for that obstacle.
    • Some obstacles may be used twice – watch your numbers carefully.
  • Jumps

    Height limitations specified below are for dog safety:

  • Dogs up to 12" at shoulders:
    • 8" jumps
    • 16" broad jump
  • Dogs over 12" and up to 18" at shoulders:
    • 12" jumps
    • 24" broad jumpDogs over 18" at shoulders:
  • Dogs over 18" at shoulders:
  • 16" jumps
  • 32" broad jump

In competitive level, owner may request the next higher jump height up to the dog’s height at the shoulders + 2", a maximum of 20 inches.

  • Tunnel
    • Dog must enter at the stated end and come out the other end. [Please do not throw food into the tunnel. It is unfair to the dog following you]
  • A-Frame (3')
    • Dog must go completely over the A-Frame and touch the last two feet of board coming down. (This means no jumping off from the top)
  • Dog Walk/Table
    • Dog must jump onto the table and then walk down the ramp (they may not jump off before reaching the ground)
  • Pause Circle
    • Dog must sit or lie down in the circle for a fast count of 5 (counted by the judge). If dog gets up (sit to stand, down to sit or stand), the count starts over.
  • Maze
    • Dog must weave through a line of objects in an “S” pattern.
  • Tire Jump
    • Dog must jump through the center of the tire.
  • Plastic Tube
    • Dog must run through the tube

**If your dog exhibits fear of a particular obstacle, the Judge will ask you to move on to the next obstacle. **** Please remember this is a FUN event for both you and your dog** 

If you have any questions - please feel free to ask before the competition begins!!

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