Tidbit Catch


To see which owner/dog team is the best tidbit catcher



  1. Tidbits can be brought by owners, or biscuits will be supplied.
  2. Tidbit catch is judged in rounds. Participants in each round have not been eliminated in a prior round (all team participate in Round One). During each round, Judge instructs handlers one at a time to toss a treat to their dog.
  3. Dogs must stay behind their line.
    NOTE: Junior Handlers can have someone hold their leashed dogs during the contest.
  4. Failure to catch a tidbit eliminates the team from next round and the event.
  5. After each round, the line for the handlers is moved farther from the line for the dogs. Each handler must move behind the newly positioned handler line to start the new round.




  • Not catching the treat
  • Crossing the line to catch tidbit
  • Catching or stealing another dog’s treat
  • Aggression towards other dogs


  • Not following judge’s instructions



  • Place rope at one end of ring for the dogs to line up behind. This rope is stationary.
    Place another rope where handlers will stand. After each round, this rope is moved farther from the line for the dogs.
  • For Scoring: Assign consecutive numbers to teams as they are eliminated – beginning with number 1. NOTE: Teams eliminated in the same round are assigned the same number. (i.e. teams eliminated in 1st round are all assigned number 1 and are last place, teams eliminated in the 2nd round are all assigned number 2 and in 2nd to last place). When there is only one team left, that team is assigned the highest number and is in 1st place, team(s) with 2nd highest number is/are in 2nd place, etc. until you have ranked each team.


Marking paint, treats, moveable line

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