Water Retrieve


To be the fastest dog to retrieve the most objects from a child's wading pool in a given time frame


  1. The owner may choose the object to throw. They may throw a different object each time. Tennis balls are provided.
  2. The owner stands in the throw circle and throws the object at least 15 feet into the swimming pool.
  3. The dog must put at least the front feet into the water.
  4. The dog must bring the object to the owner. More points are awarded to the dog that puts the object in the owner’s hand. For levels other than “Competitive,” handler may “trade” a treat to encourage delivery to hand.
  5. The clock will start at the judge’s command to “go” and will stop after one minute.


  • Each retrieved object – 1 point
  • Each retrieved object put in owners hand – 2 points
  • NO score for:
    • Throws from outside the throw circle
    • Throws not at least 15 feet in retrieve area
    • Retrieved items not brought back to the throw area



Aggressive or uncontrollable behavior


Leaves, steps-out of throw circle.



  • Use flour to make a large circle for owner to throw from
  • Walk 15 feet from edge of circle and draw a straight line to indicate retrieving area. Front edge of pool will be aligned at this line.

Marking paint, stopwatch, wading pool, water, toys

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